365 · All about the pob

2013 365 #119 ‘jelly’

After the party on Saturday the pob has been asking for Jelly like the party. He was such a good boy today that we made a special effort to squeeze in some jelly making. Here he is concentrating very hard on pulling the jelly apart. He was very patient and waiting for it to set… Continue reading 2013 365 #119 ‘jelly’


2013 365 #116 ‘tummy kisses’

Since I’ve had a baby bump the pob and I have done ‘Tummy kisses’ where our tummies bump gently together. The pob went for tea with cousin Lily and decided tummy kisses were the way forward. They played tummy kisses until Lil had had enough at which point the pob followed her around saying ‘Lilibean… Continue reading 2013 365 #116 ‘tummy kisses’