National breastfeeding week: the myths

The biggest myth or misconception is that it’s easy. It’s not. Even if you’ve Breastfed your previous child(ren). You have to relearn and your child needs to learn. At first it’s hard, then there are times when it’s hard again, when things change, weight, routine, sleep, teeth. If you know it’s going to be hard… Continue reading National breastfeeding week: the myths

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National breastfeeding week: pumping

Today’s topic on the scavenger hunt is pumping. It’s not something I’ve ever been entirely successful at to be honest. But the key is relaxation, easier said than done when you’re watching each drop drip down, stressing about having enough milk for your baby when you aren’t there. You need to relax to get your… Continue reading National breastfeeding week: pumping

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Giveaway: breastvest for breastfeeding mums

As part of national breastfeeding week, breastvest have provided me with a breastvest to giveaway to one of my readers in their choice of size and colour. If you are a breastfeeding mother or are planning on breastfeeding breastvest will be a handy item for you. It’s just a piece of underwear which makes any… Continue reading Giveaway: breastvest for breastfeeding mums

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National breastfeeding week: The benefits of breastfeeding

Today is the start of national breastfeeding week. Each year there is a breastfeeding scavenger hunt where lots of bloggers link together to talk about all things breastfeeding, there are lots of competitions and different companies involved. Breastfeeding is something close to my heart (ba boom) as it majorly helped me bond with the pob… Continue reading National breastfeeding week: The benefits of breastfeeding