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2013 365 #177 ‘the sun has got his hat on’

I’ve missed 6 days! With no Internet access its been tough but I will post my lost days. The boys both have colds and are seriously snuffly. I turn 30 today. Sammy has a nickname of ‘the dog’ courtesy of MrSlender, a rip off of smelly cat song but with Sammy Dog instead…random but there… Continue reading 2013 365 #177 ‘the sun has got his hat on’

Birthday posts

Birthday post number one

Every year I’m going to write my son, the pob, a letter on his birthday. Today, 10th May 2012 is his first birthday. I’ve been inspired by Chris Mosler’s post about her son turning 16. Dear pob Today is your first birthday. I can’t believe you’re one whole year old, it’s gone so very quickly,… Continue reading Birthday post number one


Tomorrows the start of the year

Tomorrow is the pob’s year review. I’ve had mixed feedback about going along and am in no way expecting anything revelatory. However, for me, its not about what happens at the review. It’s about the start of everything ‘year’ related. I’m scared, excited and amazed to go through our ‘year’ things. We start with our… Continue reading Tomorrows the start of the year


So it’s 26 weeks today

And he’s beautiful. Rolls, commando / caterpillar shuffles, eats with his fingers, laughs, smiles, signs cuddle and eat and generally is wonderful. I however am struggling from 6 months of no sleep, he is still waking three times between 7 and 7. I’m seriously concerned I will never recover the ability to sleep through. Please… Continue reading So it’s 26 weeks today