the sissy

The Dog’s four monther

So, The Dog is four months ten days. He’s changing every day. He’s becoming so very big and grown up so very quickly. The Pob keeps saying ‘look mummy he’s got hair’ it’s definitely growing now, blondey but not as white blonde as his brother was. He is leaning forward, wanting to sit, wanting to… Continue reading The Dog’s four monther

the sissy

2013 365 13th August ‘no more newborn’ The Dog’s 3 monther

Today The Dog is three months old. Officially not a newborn baby. Wow. I miss my newborn baby. Hours are seconds with my boys and time is slipping. But every second I adore them. Even if I’m revoltingly tired. So at three months. The Dog is a super smiler. And chuckles. He’s learning to laugh,… Continue reading 2013 365 13th August ‘no more newborn’ The Dog’s 3 monther

All about the pob

Life with a pob

Since we’ve had the pob, almost a year ago now, life has most definitely changed. Gone are afternoons, evenings, nights down the pub; impromptu cinema trips; shopping trips; lazy Sunday’s, but here instead we have a multitude of things which completely outweigh any of those. Everyday with the pob is my favourite day. Every morning… Continue reading Life with a pob