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2013 365 1st August ‘back at home’

Lately 365 hasn’t gone so well for us with missing days, to be honest, left right and centre. So August is a huge month for us with loads of exciting stuff going on so I’m promising myself to make August our month of 365. I’m going to post everyday. Im not hoing to worry how… Continue reading 2013 365 1st August ‘back at home’


2013 365 #182 ‘Happiness is…’

This month, as part of 365, I’m taking part in FMS photo a day using prompts from @fatmumslim passed on by The Boy and Me. Today’s prompt is ‘Happiness is…’ For me, cliche as it is, happiness is my family. Especially my boys. I love them both with everything I’ve got and adore seeing how… Continue reading 2013 365 #182 ‘Happiness is…’


2013 365 #151 ‘painting chairs’

Today we had tea with the boys Slender cousin Martha and Uncle Jamie. Everyone had a lovely time together playing and the toddlers ‘painted’ the chairs (with water). Daddy turned up in time for tea and afterwards had a hilarious time with the children in the garden. He’s just like his own dad, fantastic at… Continue reading 2013 365 #151 ‘painting chairs’