All about the pob

Day 15: a day in the life of

A little late with this but all the birthday celebrations have taken their toll, along with holiday packing… So Tuesday 15th May I got the pob up at about 6.30, well he got me up really. MrSlender had already left for work. We had milky in bed then read some books before getting dressed and… Continue reading Day 15: a day in the life of


Day 11: 15 of my favourite things

Ok, this is late but it’s been the pobs birthday and party etc… 1) the pob, I know he’s not a thing but he’s my most favourite thing in the world still 2) being an auntie, I have two gorgeous nephews and a beautiful niece (from sis) and one lovely niece from MrSlenders brother. I… Continue reading Day 11: 15 of my favourite things


Ten favourite songs

Day 5: Your ten favourite songs right now…in no particular order. I’m not a massive current music person but here they are (some are v old!):

Bloc Party Ā – Two more years

Kings of Leon – Fans

Tegan and Sara – Alligator Tears

Futureheads – Hard to Bear

The Rakes – Light from your mac

Interpol – Public pervert

Jimmy Eat world – Dizzy

Miike Snow – Black and blue

The Cribs – I’ve tried everything

Editors – Smokers outside the hospital door