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A view from the inside

As the boys’ birthdays approach I’ve been talking to Roo about what a birthday is and why it’s special. Today we went to buy some balloons, toot too la loots (party blowers) and general trashy birthday merch. On the way I said to Roo it’s three whole years since he came out of my tummy.… Continue reading A view from the inside

The pobs

2013 365 2nd August ‘date night’

Tonight we went on a full blown date. Just us. That hasn’t happened for I think possibly two years. What a scary thought. We’ve been out of course, but never just us. It was bliss. We were just us. No worries for an evening. No bums to wipe, clothes to wash, dinner to cook. It… Continue reading 2013 365 2nd August ‘date night’

365 · The pobs

2013 365 #149 ‘hold it baby Sammy’

In the mornings the pob us always excited to hold his newborn baby brother. This morning we spent ten minutes saying good morning in my bed before we went down to breakfast. Sammy now is much more awake and you can see the twinkle in his eye for his big brother. I can’t wait to… Continue reading 2013 365 #149 ‘hold it baby Sammy’

365 · The pobs

2013 365 #142 ‘Brotherly love’

Here are my boys today. What brotherly love. Sammy at nine days old has changed today. He’s much more alert, properly focussing on faces and shadows / outlines near to his face. He’s had more awake time today than ever before, studying things, especially his big brother. The pob is wanting Sammy to wake up,… Continue reading 2013 365 #142 ‘Brotherly love’