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2013 365 #164 ‘Clifton’

Today was my last day in my home village of Clifton in Bedfordshire st my parents before we move back to Biggleswade (only seven miles away). I’ve loved the odd stroll in the sunshine taking me back to my childhood. I used to walk past these cottages everyday on my way to school, until I… Continue reading 2013 365 #164 ‘Clifton’

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Our renovation: The pob’s bedroom

It’s time I need to think in more detail and get ordering for the decoration and interior design for our renovation. Before we decided to move we’d planned to move the pob to a new room anyway in prep for the new baby so the little nursery was free for the new arrival. So I’ve… Continue reading Our renovation: The pob’s bedroom

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Renovation: End of phase 2 (we own the Hopbine)

So the decision is in. Our house now officially belongs to us. Hurrah. It is the end of phase 2. I honestly never thought we would get here. If you’ve told me in January that before the baby is born we would own the Hopbine I would have laughed. I would not have believed you.… Continue reading Renovation: End of phase 2 (we own the Hopbine)

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Renovation phase 1: selling our home

When I look back to when we decided to sell our family home it all comes rushing back. We didn’t just put the house on the market. We had a massive list of things to prep it first. It’s easy to forget the effort involved in selling as well as actually moving or buying. A… Continue reading Renovation phase 1: selling our home

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Renovation end of phase 2: the survey decision

Our survey has been done. We have hauled in as many favours as we could with our friends in the trade, MrSlender has worked night and day. We have a working kitchen, a working bathroom, all windows have been replaced, downstairs has been plastered except a tiny bit round the front door (as we are… Continue reading Renovation end of phase 2: the survey decision