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Working or not: having a choice

This week will see me return to work after round two of maternity leave. When I was younger we’d say MrSlender might be a stay at home Dad, I’d work. How wrong I was, never imagining the pull of my children. Never imagining not wanting or needing to be successful in my ‘professional’ career. Never… Continue reading Working or not: having a choice

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Toddle in a Hat Day 2014

This week we toddled one mile for Brain Tumour Research for Wear a Hat Day. I loved it. For me it just summed up parenthood and friendship beautifully. It really started for me at lunch time when, boys snoozing, I blew balloons, made signs and generally just stuffed the pushchair full of useful items I… Continue reading Toddle in a Hat Day 2014

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Wear a hat day 2014

There are some days in your life you never forget. Your first day at school perhaps. Or college or university. The day you went travelling. Or waved off a loved one. The day you bought your house. Your own wedding. The weddings of your siblings, close friends, perhaps your own parents. The day you fulfilled… Continue reading Wear a hat day 2014

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Lately writing fell down the list

Sometimes time goes at super speed. Faster than the speed of light. Normally when life is packed full of joys, problems, challenges and trials. Small or big. Yours or your friends and family. And I think when time goes so fast you have to enjoy the people you love, enjoy that single moment with them,… Continue reading Lately writing fell down the list

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Play matters: homemade dinosaur land

I read a lot of play ideas, especially on Ghost Writer Mummy’s blog and on The Boy and Me’s blog. And sometimes I get round to doing things myself, some ideas need to wait til The Pob’s a little bit bigger. But…The Pob has just started preschool and I’m halfway through my maternity leave with… Continue reading Play matters: homemade dinosaur land

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The farm and the woods: Country Kids

This week we had lots of outdoor time. It was mums birthday on 17th and we went off out with the Pledger Coleys for an outing to our local farm, Standalone in Letchworth. We’ve got season tickets which makes short trips such good value and its perfect to pop in for an outing if you’re… Continue reading The farm and the woods: Country Kids

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Have boy: must go to Diggerland (Country kids)

Last week we went to Diggerland in Kent. I’d been telling The Pob about it for a few days so by the morning of the trip he was very excited. ‘Whats today’ I said ‘DIGGERLAND Mummy, go now…?’ Off we trundled (sans sat nav). From Bedfordshire the nearest is Kent and although we had to… Continue reading Have boy: must go to Diggerland (Country kids)

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Country kids: the hospital garden

This week has been extremely tiring. Having spent Sunday to Wednesday evening in hospital with a poorly Pob we didn’t have much time for the outdoors this week. However, the play facilities at Lister Hospital in Stevenage are fantastic and provided us with some outdoor time even in hospital. By Tuesday afternoon The Pob was… Continue reading Country kids: the hospital garden

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Nestled in deepest Suffolk: Assington Mill

Here I sit. In my family’s heritage. With my youngest son, on the edge of a stubble field. All I can hear is the wind whistling the long grasses and trees, birds singing and cooing, the odd insect buzzing past. And possibly some thunder in the distance. No cars or trains, drunks or kids, dishwashers… Continue reading Nestled in deepest Suffolk: Assington Mill