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The grand entry number 3: the arrival of Marni 

I’m not sure how to start my last birth story. It’s the last time that I will give birth. My births have without doubt been the most incredible experiences of my life. Not just becoming a mother and welcoming my three children, all in very different ways. But actually genuinely changing my life, my work,… Continue reading The grand entry number 3: the arrival of Marni 

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Soosie Soo is no longer a baby

So that’s a year gone. My little baby isn’t a little baby any more. It’s with a little sadness, a lot of melancholy, a heap of excitement and a heart brimming I’m wishing my baby a happy first birthday. He is without doubt the most relaxed baby. He rarely cries. I do appreciate this. Only… Continue reading Soosie Soo is no longer a baby

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The little big boy, the pob turns two (2?!???) for The Gallery

Happy second birthday to my big little boy. This post was written on 10th May 2013. This week’s gallery theme is two and as I hadn’t yet posted this I thought I’d link up and post it as it fits perfectly in the theme. Sometimes you just need a deadline I guess! The past year… Continue reading The little big boy, the pob turns two (2?!???) for The Gallery

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2013 365 #103 ‘birthday party’

Today was the pob’s second birthday party. Peppa made an appearance, we had lots of toys, two year olds and songs. We had it three weeks early as the baby is due right near the pob’s actual birthday. We wanted to still celebrate. He had a wonderful time. This pic is of him standing at… Continue reading 2013 365 #103 ‘birthday party’

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Birthday post number one

Every year I’m going to write my son, the pob, a letter on his birthday. Today, 10th May 2012 is his first birthday. I’ve been inspired by Chris Mosler’s post about her son turning 16. Dear pob Today is your first birthday. I can’t believe you’re one whole year old, it’s gone so very quickly,… Continue reading Birthday post number one