2013 365 8th August ‘snack time’

It’s snack time before we go to a fundraiser for the hospital playroom. I love that the pob is really developing friendships now. When he’s playing with other children they have full on conversations. His personality really comes out and the difference in his friendships, with Liv they boss each other, with Albie The Pob… Continue reading 2013 365 8th August ‘snack time’


2013 365 7th August ‘friends’

Today we spent most of the day amongst lots of friends and their children in one of their gardens. The Pob had a lovely time playing on the climbing frame, in the water, with the ride ons and just generally with his friends. This is Olivia, and her mum, Vicki. They are firm friends and… Continue reading 2013 365 7th August ‘friends’

365 · All about the pob

2013 365 1st August ‘back at home’

Lately 365 hasn’t gone so well for us with missing days, to be honest, left right and centre. So August is a huge month for us with loads of exciting stuff going on so I’m promising myself to make August our month of 365. I’m going to post everyday. Im not hoing to worry how… Continue reading 2013 365 1st August ‘back at home’