birth stories · home birth

A sleepy homebirth

A birth story from Josie Barker.


‘After having my first in hospital, which was a straight forward birth but with loads of waiting around, I decided with my second that I would be having him at home. I told my midwives at my booking in appt at 7 weeks! They don’t usually talk about the birth until 36 weeks but the community midwives were absolutely fabulous. At 39 weeks, I felt my first twinge (around 11am) so me and my hubby 2 be took our dogs and little girl out for a walk to get things moving. The further we got, the contractions gained strength until I had to stop with each one. We decided to head back so that I could get on my birth ball. Once we got home the contractions stopped dead. I was gutted but continued on my day. Took my daughter to the stables where we keep our horses and mucked out and bedded them down. Had a cup of tea with my mum who said she had a feeling today was the day. By the time I got home, I made dinner, put my daughter in to bed, I finally then got to sit down and relax. I was suddenly hit with back to back contractions (8.30pm). I had to bounce and really concentrate to ride those waves out. At 9pm we decided to call the midwives. The midwife on call, lived an hour away so got ready to leave straight away. She asked how I felt about a trainee being present which I agreed too.

Knowing they would be an hour or so, my other half started setting up the birthing pool in the kitchen. I went upstairs to change the bedding so we all had fresh sheets to snuggle in to. It was the longest bed change ever, between those contractions! As I came back down stairs, the student midwife came in. We did introductions and she started writing in her notes. Not long after the midwife came in too. We stayed in the living room, bouncing through the contractions whilst my partner finished the pool. At around 11.30 pm I told them that he was imminent. I could feel the contractions changing. The midwife asked if she could examine me before I got in the pool but I declined. I told them that he will be here within the next half hour and that I needed the pool now. Unfortunately the pool was too cold when I got in so it took 20 mins of kettle boiling before it was the right temperature and in that time I felt my labour stall completely. It was bizarre, it was contraction free and I felt so chilled. We discussed the position I wanted to birth and delayed cord clamping etc. Once the temp was back on track, I felt my body starting to push. My partner stayed by my head and helped me stay focused. On the second big push I felt my waters pop, and with another three pushes, our baby boy was born. (12.06) the student midwife had delivered him. I was her first birth and first home birth! He came out fast asleep!! I had the best cuddles with him whilst we waited for the cord to stop pulsing. Once it had turned white my partner cut the cord.

I had decided against the injection for the placenta so that came naturally about 45 mins later. Whilst I was birthing that, my partner got his cuddles and we weighed him. I got out the pool and got on the sofa. We went through all the paper work and at 2am, after making sure I had no tears etc, the midwives left us to it. I went to have a quick shower then went up to bed with our baby whilst my partner emptied the pool and quickly tidied up. He then joined us upstairs and the three of us bonded in bed. The next morning our little girl woke up to her baby brother! It was the most empowering, positive experience of my life. I would recommend to anyone.’



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