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Soosie Soo is no longer a baby

So that’s a year gone. My little baby isn’t a little baby any more.

It’s with a little sadness, a lot of melancholy, a heap of excitement and a heart brimming I’m wishing my baby a happy first birthday.

He is without doubt the most relaxed baby. He rarely cries. I do appreciate this. Only if hungry (all the time). The stream of found has to be constant. He eats more than his brother. If I check on dinner before it’s ready, then shut the oven, he screams. Feeeed meeee mummy!!! He is the most placid boy. He’s happy.

He has had a clingy phase where he’s wanted me, but Granny tops even mummy. He will cry when Granny leaves, go to her over me. Cry if he’s taken away. Just realised that’s the other reason he cries. For want of Granny (or mummy if I’m lucky). He just can sense her wonderfulness.

He is a speedy crawler and now army style bottom scoots as well. Today he took his first few steps.

He will shout at Roo if he wants something or if it gets taken away. He has a strong character. Tells you what he wants.

He can sign mummy, bird, milk, more, drink, dog, daddy and fish. He will sign mummy if you ask him too (most of the time).

He’s trying to talk, he can say mama and dada. He calls Roo ‘yooooo yooo’ and he tried to sign brother recently saying ‘brrrrrrrrr’. He’s trying to say yes, says ‘eeerrrrrrrr’. He can most definitely say no. He can communicate the answer to a question, like ‘would you like a yoghurt?’.

His favourite game is a combination of posting / placing things in to a box (or shape sorter) and picking things to give you, holding it out to you saying here ‘hhuuuuhhh’, you then have to say thank you! This is obviously not at all repetitive.

He loves the play kitchen and the real kitchen, or any cupboard. His chubby fingers don’t.

He has five teeth. And one nearly poking through. He drools like a dog right now.

He still has two feeds most days. Morning and evening.

He adores Bertie the cat. He terrorises him.

He looks more like his dad than me and Roo, he has his tanned skin and has darker hair (although still blond).

He kisses open mouthed, sometimes with a nibble or nip. He cuddles and says ‘ahhhhhhhhh’. He is soppy.

He loves waving and clapping.

But best of all he does the tongue sandwich as it’s now known. Tongue sucking comforter. And just the sight of his jellycats (the fave is the cat) will bring on a bout of tongue sandwich-ing. I was a bit hesitant about him not having a dummy, uncertain if he’d be more unsettled but if anything it’s the opposite. He’s always refused a dummy, he comforts himself.

He is a clever, kind, loving boy. I’m so proud of him. I’m grateful he’s made this year easier with his relaxed way. He’s a peaceful boy. Happy. Delightful. I’m still sure his peaceful start in life set the way for how he would be, the man he will become. I adore him.

He’s my baby boy, always will be.





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