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A view from the inside

As the boys’ birthdays approach I’ve been talking to Roo about what a birthday is and why it’s special. Today we went to buy some balloons, toot too la loots (party blowers) and general trashy birthday merch. On the way I said to Roo it’s three whole years since he came out of my tummy. Our conversation went like this:

Me: it’s three years since you came out of my tummy Roo, that’s a long time for a little boy
Roo: yes mummy I’m a big boy
Me: you are. When you came out you were lifted out very gently by a lovely lady called Claire, she told me you looked straight at her with your big blue eyes and she thought you were very special. She wrapped you up and Daddy saw you, Daddy said, he’s called Roo, and then that was your name. When I woke up Daddy told me we had our baby and he was our Roo. And I loved you so much.
Roo: it was very dark in there mummy, and very sleepy but quite cosy, I slept a lot in there. I know, I could put my bed in there and go to bed. Ooh that’d be nice. I’m quite tired
Me: I’m not sure your bed would fit now
Roo: in your tummy I heard Soo say ‘can I come in there too’ and I said no Soo not yet, you have to wait for your turn.

And whadda you know two years and three days later Soo popped out too.

My beautiful boys.


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