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Toddle in a Hat Day 2014

This week we toddled one mile for Brain Tumour Research for Wear a Hat Day. I loved it. For me it just summed up parenthood and friendship beautifully.

It really started for me at lunch time when, boys snoozing, I blew balloons, made signs and generally just stuffed the pushchair full of useful items I might need (like I was going on a marathon walk).

Buggy stuffed I got up the boys.
Roo was EXCITED to go and see the balloons. I’d told him we were going on a special walk with his friends and he wanted to pick which balloon was for who. Soo was nonchalant but on contact with the balloons mildly excited. Cool dude that he is.


When Roo saw my hat he declared ‘Mummy you are Hatty. What you got Andy’s hat for? Well done Mummy for getting Andy’s hat’ (if you don’t know what this means you clearly don’t have a dinosaur obsessed child).


So my first win was I got out the house…on time. That never (I mean never has happened since I had one, let alone two children) happens to me. Walking on air we started the walk to the town to the meeting point. Roo was on his balance bike. He was impeccably behaved (also rarely happens). And the sun was shining. It felt good.

There I was, strolling along, waving at others on their way, feeling pretty great. Cue a ginormous gust of wind and five balloons careering off across the train bridge. ‘Stay there’ I’m barking to Roo. Starring at me wide eyed like the crazy balloon chaser I am, I think he was frozen with fear of his lunatic mother frantically chasing pink and white balloons down a main road (abandoned baby in pushchair and stunned toddler on bike to the side). But stay still he did. Amazing. After catching three balloons myself (success!) I desperately commandeered the help of some young boys who duly chased my remaining balloons and returned them to me. I think they may have been a bit surprised and ever so slightly scared to have been set upon by a demanding hatted lady who needed balloons chasing clearly a bit unstable having abandoned her small children on a main road pavement.

Balloons back on the vehicles we were off again. Roo was perfect the whole way. That never happens. Although he did do his poo face on the bridge when we lost the balloons but ’twas a false alarm. Thank goodness. Don’t think pulling out the travel potty from the marathon supplies and pooing on ‘the busiest most dangerous road in The Wade’ would be entirely the attention we’d been looking for my tying our balloons to the pushchair.

Anyhow, we gathered together, friends and friends of friends. Kiddies and babies. All in hats. We had a few illnesses, missed a few families. It was a happy feeling to all be together.


And off we set. They were all really great little dudes. A knight, a cowgirl, monster, cyclist, fireman, builder, a few flat caps, wooly hats…but my favourite. The golf hat. Those who are familiar with the toddle will know that it started through Vicki’s desire to do something positive from her Dad’s illness (he is battling a brain tumour right now). This is it so far. The toddle. And her Dad is Mr Golf. Hence the hat. How utterly ridiculous is it. You can only wear such hideous items in the company of children. It somehow makes it acceptable.


The Toddle itself was great, the children watching out for trains, walking together. They truly are hilarious.



On return we were greeted by wonderful cakes. Roo has a habit of just eating the icing (heard of that trick?!) so no sooner had he eaten his icing than I’d scoffed the rest of his cake. He immediately dobbed me in and bagged himself another cake (which I also ate). Group photo done we started to disperse.

I still have to say Roo was still being wonderful. I couldn’t believe my luck. Soo however was not happy by now, wanted a sleep but in the excitement I’d lost his JellyCat Cat which is his comforter. (NB it was later rescued by Grandad).

Roo also had managed to not have any accidents which, given he’d not snoozed well earlier, was somewhat of a miracle.

Off we went, starting the journey home. You know when sometimes in films the sky suddenly turns stormy and clouds fly in, the sky darkens. That should have happened at this point.

Roo threw Soo’s hat into the road. I was not happy. It was a main road. He got told off. This quickly turned in to a toddler-deprived-of-sleep-having-just-walked-a-mile meltdown. I pulled out the big guns, expanded the pushchair and sat him in the shopping basket. It was a entirely essential survival strategy.


The boys were all tired. It was one of those journeys that’s just mothering mayhem. There was a song about current buns, a fight over a buggy board, a wee up a fence…

But we all got home. Exasperated. Joyous to have completed our toddle. Happy to have our tired babies snuggled with us (watching Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure in my case). Thankful for the donations and support. Grateful for our health. Hopeful for the health of others suffering.


Text SWRH61 £1 (or any amount) to 70070 to support Brain Tumour Research and our toddle.


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