All about the pob

Sleeping with a big boy baby

Last night I had to sleep with my big Pob. When he was tiny he slept with us sometimes but he’s always been a very sensitive sleeper. He likes the dark. He likes quiet. He likes his own space. Won’t sleep in a pushchair, car or sofa, hasn’t for a long time. Give him a bed in the dark and he’s off no probs.

But having had an anaesthetic and his tonsils out we were advised to sleep with him to keep a closer eye on him.

At first it was all three of us in our bed. Which swiftly turned in to me and the Pob. Who all night poked me in the eyes to see if I was awake, told me to open my mouth to feel me breathe on him and stroked my hair. He also kicked me in the ribs and requested TV at 12.30am and 5am.

At 5.30am he wanted to go back to sleep in his own bed, which I figured would by then be ok.

I spose I just want to remember how he still tucked in to me in his sleep, just like a baby. The innocence of him in sleep. Reaching out for me in the night. Because it’s getting to be rare when he wants to snuggle.

He’s been very brave and extremely good the last couple of days since the op. I’m very proud of him. I hope it makes a difference.



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