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Toddle in a Hat Day 2014

This week we toddled one mile for Brain Tumour Research for Wear a Hat Day. I loved it. For me it just summed up parenthood and friendship beautifully. It really started for me at lunch time when, boys snoozing, I blew balloons, made signs and generally just stuffed the pushchair full of useful items I… Continue reading Toddle in a Hat Day 2014

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Wear a hat day 2014

There are some days in your life you never forget. Your first day at school perhaps. Or college or university. The day you went travelling. Or waved off a loved one. The day you bought your house. Your own wedding. The weddings of your siblings, close friends, perhaps your own parents. The day you fulfilled… Continue reading Wear a hat day 2014

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Sleeping with a big boy baby

Last night I had to sleep with my big Pob. When he was tiny he slept with us sometimes but he’s always been a very sensitive sleeper. He likes the dark. He likes quiet. He likes his own space. Won’t sleep in a pushchair, car or sofa, hasn’t for a long time. Give him a… Continue reading Sleeping with a big boy baby