The pobs

Goodbye to the year, 2013

Finally with my new iPhone here,
I can publish my official goodbye to the year,
The MAC is sick,
The laptop retired,
They’ve given up hope of ever being rewired.

2013, it’s been a big year,
But now it’s goodbye,
The New Year is here.

It’s been a big one,
With lots going on…

An idea of turning a house to a pub,
A pregnant belly to fill up with grub,
An amazing advisor of the financial kind,
Incredible parents supporting our find.

Handing over our first real special home,
Its seen so many roller coasters we wouldn’t have known,
The death of a cat, the birth of a boy, first steps, first words, first touch of the snow.
Securing us in our first years of marriage,
Now housed by another,
helping them manage.

Being brave, or possibly stupid,
Living with parents,
No time for Cupid.

Stress, tears and worry,
Belly swelling, home needed,
Husband works in a hurry.

A due date passing with no newborn cries.
A second birthday to celebrate,
How time flies.
Each day so different,
With a toddler stood by,
Amazement, delight,
Still the odd baby cry.

But someone was missing.
She chose someone new.
New family, new friends,
We’re now left with one few.

But onwards and upwards through all the upheaval,
Not wanting to believe one could be quite so evil.

Self doubt, rigid fear,
The birth now looming.
Help from a friend,
A baby coming out booming.

Euphoria streams at the arrival,
No section or anaesthetic,
an epidural and our bright survival.

Definitely my high point of the year,
My husband so strong,
My baby now here.

Our big little boy born
And home all in a day.
A big brother to meet,
Adventures on their way.

And back to the house,
Going full throttle.
Friends and family,
Helping us remodel.

An operation for Pops,
A 30th for me,
And married nine years,
How could that be?

A big celebration,
My garden party,
Lots of presents,
The summer had started.

Unpacking, unpacking
Sleep severely lacking…

Then some bad news
came for a friend
Shocking, saddening,
With no way to mend.

But with the bad news,
Came some excitement,
A wedding, a bridesmaid,
A dress fitting requirement.

Onwards we plodded,
Helping where we could.
Looking forward to the big day,
As you always should.

Huge pussy tonsils, hospitals, drips,
A temporary heart murmur,
Finding no fix.

Goodbye to the dummy,
Left for the next patient,
Just take out the tonsils.
We want the operation!

An old friends summer wedding,
The best DJ ever,
The august of birthdays,
Beautiful hot weather.

Australian visit, special family to stay,
We’re off to the collect them,
Years have passed,
But it feels like a day.

A Lake District break,
A family to be,
One day if only you could teleport me,
Over to Oz to share more time,
To see the boys grow,
To drink some more wine.

And back to the littles,
Starting pre school for one,
Rolling for the other,
The fun has begun.

A tonsil referral,
More tonsillitis,
My poor little boy,
Of course it not viral.

Hen dos and stag dos,
From Ibiza to London.
The leaves are now falling,
At last it is autumn.

And so the short notice wedding creeps up,
The brides planning tremendous,
Absolutely no fuss.

My dress was let out,
(In all the right places!)
The day came and went,
With happy wet faces.

Next came the Halloween baby party,
But not babies,
All toddlers,
Again time passes.

Then came work to knock me for six,
Old job gone.
No new part time fix.

The prospect of never seeing my boys,
Everyday apart,
Not playing with their own toys.

Sleepless nights,
Wrecking worry,
Options or requirements,
All decided in a hurry.

The realisation finally came,
That being a mummy,
Was my number one aim.

No care for shoes,
Suits or hairdressers,
No time for office berks,
Always trying to impress us.

Reality hit,
A new offer for me.
Could I balance my life fairly?

But with no choice I had to accept,
I’m hoping I don’t live with regret,
To chose half a week for my boys
And half a week not playing with them and their toys.
Hopefully it won’t be forever,
But the time I have now is even more treasured.

Another special wedding,
Christmas creeps up.
Woody and tinkers,
Tying the knot.

Christmas hosted at the Old Hopbine.
More pussy tonsils…
I’m sure he’ll be fine.
Crawling around and clicking his tongue,
The little one starting to rival the biggest son.

One things for sure Christmas is special,
Memories to cherish,
Magic essential,

And then closing the year,
With Aussie mates,
A murder,
Some jäger,
For our shadows we wait.

One things for sure it’s been busy,
Highs and lows to make us dizzy.
What I’ve realised from it all,
Is family and friends make it full.

My hearts had a take over,
Now three there not two.
We’ve had a wonderful year,
If you’ve played a part, thank you.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye to the year, 2013

  1. OK some of those paragraphs have got me inquisitive – I think I know one of them. Such a shame. Other one I have no idea but sounds like it was a stressful.

    You have had such a busy year my lovely, lots of highs and lows too by the sounds of it. I drive past your house all the time and wonder what it now looks like. Must be amazing inside – lucky you.

    Looking forward to 2014… Must meet up soon xxx

    1. I always think you must be busy all the time and marvel at how you manage it all! Honestly! Looking forward to 2014 for definite. It’d be lovely to have you round for a cuppa. You must drop in if you have time. Happy new year lovely x

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