The Dog’s nearly six monther

As I sit in the A&E waiting area, The Dog fast asleep…

I thought I’d use the time to write about him.

Firstly though, I’m sure he’s fine, we were at the health centre when a health visitor picked up his car seat, he wasn’t strapped in. Part my fault for not strapping, part hers for just lifting without asking. He landed on his bonce. As I said I’m pretty sure he’s ok, just a precaution.

The last six weeks has been challenging, life’s up in the air with work, The Pob’s had more tonsillitis. There’s been lots going on.

But the Dog has had a fabulous few weeks. He’s nearly six months old. I cannot believe the time has gone.

He continues to be the most placid baby, hardly ever cries (except when dropped on his head). He is happy all the time, smiley, just beautiful. Everyone comments how relaxed he is. Like his Daddy.

He is also a chunk of love. He’s in his 6-9 month clothes and has bee for a few weeks. Some 3-6 stretchy ones still fit.

He’s taken to eating like a duck to water. He’s having three meals a day, finger foods, veggie and fruit purées and all his milk still too. He loves eating.

He’s getting better at naps in the day time. Last night we didn’t feed him between 10pm and 7am but when he woke settled him and used (shock) controlled crying. I didn’t take this decision lightly and I know children have growth spurts but he has never woken less than twice, I could count on one hand the amount of times he’s done that. Normally it’s three or four times and has been up to six. After six months it’s too much for me. When he woke on Monday morning not even wanting milk I knew it was time to drop the night feeds. Sure enough, this morning, after no feeds through the night he was only mildly interested in a feed, confirming my thoughts that he really doesn’t need milk at night but comfort. So we need to teach him how to get comfort without feeding from me.

His signing has blossomed. He started by signing mummy and milk. Milk was very clear from two weeks ago when The Pob was poorly, I’d had a bit of a day, he didn’t have any food for lunch and was clearly hungry, I was changing his nappy and he just started signing milk to me. I’m hungry mummy!!!

Since he’s signed Daddy, mummy, milk and drink. He only signed drink this morning. We were having a snuggle in my bed, The Pob was having a drink of water from a beaker, The Dog started looking at his hand and then shaped it to make and move the sign for drink. Clever sausage.

Physically he’s come on leaps and bounds. He started rolling back about 3 weeks ago, has been rolling to move for about two weeks, and for the past five days has been rocking on all fours raring to go. But so far only managed backwards! It won’t be long I’m sure.

He loves being in his play station and he adores his brother. His eyes light up when he sees him, his face beams.

He’s a chubby chunk of love. My little big boy.

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