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Lately writing fell down the list

Sometimes time goes at super speed. Faster than the speed of light. Normally when life is packed full of joys, problems, challenges and trials. Small or big. Yours or your friends and family.

And I think when time goes so fast you have to enjoy the people you love, enjoy that single moment with them, just linger for a minute more.

Some things you have to do to keep ticking over, cook, wash, clean, clothe, play, love. Other things fall by the wayside. For me this has been my time and specifically my blog. The more important things simply are that, more important.

I’m a massive hoarder, of brik a brak as MrSlender calls it. Cards, tickets, ornaments. And I think that’s kind of what my blog is, a collection of the brik a brak in my head.

When my beloved Nanny passed away earlier in the year we went through literally a mountain of greeting cards. That she’d hoarded and probably never looked at. Or only when she moved house.

I started to think…I want to treasure these memories but when, in my life, will I have time to trawl through all my posts (although few compared to many seasoned bloggers). I put my hand on my heart and honestly answered, maybe never, maybe sometimes. But I find when I look back sometimes it makes me sad, melancholy for that time passed by. I want to look back and know I’ve enjoyed every second (or hated it but loved it at the same time depending on tantrums), not think ‘wow I wish I’d chilled out a bit more’ laid in bed with the boys after nap time, read more books, tickled more, walked a bit slower. So that’s what I’ve done more of and I’ve done less of worrying about writing. So I just haven’t written because I’ve not had the time, inclination or energy.

Sure I’ve thought ‘I must post that review’ (I will!!!) and ‘I should record that’ but we all need a break. And I feel better. And I’ve realised I want to write to share my joys of my boys, not just to hoard. I want to share their wonderfulness. A bit like my Nan and her cards, I kept some, that magic in them was shared.

Now has anyone got an extra five hours a day or a recipe for sleeping through the night…either would help in the motivation stakes.


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