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The hilaridom of a two year old

The Pob’s talking has aways been pretty great and something I’m very proud of. He’s a clever clogs.

Of course I’ve heard people saying their child went through the ‘why’ stage ho ho ho, ha ha ha. Or the ‘look at that fat lady’ stage. But in my head I never thought these things happened. Not to fat peoples faces, not in public. Surely that’s just the material of comedy sketches. Until today. So it seems I was wrong.

Parents of toddlers be warned. It does happen. Today was what I’m calling Why Mummy Day 1 featuring the fat tummy lady.

Yes The Pob has learnt the word ‘why’. Cue two year old hilaridom. Today we’ve had ‘why’ all day, why are we going to bed, why am I going to the loo, why is the water tower (that’s it, just why is the water tower). Why is the sun there. Why are we in the car. Why are we going. Etc…

I revelled. Accepting the challenge of the never ending Why? However, I am already defeated, but chortled to myself as I uttered the words ‘because they are, that’s why’. Extreme knowledge from the Mummy I call that.

I’m starting to think of endless possibilities to answer the Why question. This is going to be quite fun (and tiresome I expect) and definitely hilarious.

The day was topped off by (at my parents) the rather large bellied neighbour popping in. Whilst she (not he as The Pob had announced ‘what’s he called’, loudly, three times) was offering me use of her driveway when I’m visiting I heard a little voice in the background. You get pretty used to constant interruptions from a two year old and you can’t always answer immediately. Especially when a kind neighbour is offering their drive to you. I heard the words but I’d tuned them out. Then on the FIFTH repeat I realised the very clear loud, and getting louder words were:

‘Look at that fat belly Mummy, have you seen that fat belly’


So what did I do. I said ‘yes I’ve seen it, right say bye bye now’.

I really hope she didn’t hear.

I wonder what other toddler hilarity is on the horizon.



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