the sissy

The Dog’s four monther

So, The Dog is four months ten days. He’s changing every day. He’s becoming so very big and grown up so very quickly.

The Pob keeps saying ‘look mummy he’s got hair’ it’s definitely growing now, blondey but not as white blonde as his brother was.

He is leaning forward, wanting to sit, wanting to be upright. He’s grown out of his baby swing and is now much more in to his playstation, his bouncer and his Bumbo. He is watching everything. Interested in everything.

He now cackles and talks, very very loudly. He loves talking to you.

He is wanting to eat, there’s no doubt he is ready. He watches intently at food and drink being consumed. He try’s to grab my food when I’m eating, my bowl too to get at the food. We’re signing about food and drink to him. I’m sure food will be one of his first signs. He had a taste of pear, his first taste, two days ago, he liked it. Next week we are going to start a little food.

He’s still learning to have a bottle, I’m expressing and trying to get him to take it from a bottle once a day. I know he can do it because he’s done it before but he’s being a tinker. Don’t blame him…he’s such a boy.

He’s having proper awake time now, waking between 6 and 7, awake til 8.30ish, a little sleep, 20 mins ish, awake til 11.30 ish then another sleep, anywhere between 30mins to 1hr30mins and a last little sleep about 4pm. He is ready for bed at 6.30. He still wakes maybe twice a night (if I’m lucky!). He’s not quite got the hang of a long daytime nap yet, he likes cuddling with me at lunch time and I adore him.

We’ve been to a Tiny Talk class and are looking forward to having that time just the two of us.

He’s much bigger than The Pob was at this age. He’s got chunky legs. He is already out of a lot of clothes that The Pob fitted in til he was seven months.

He’s had two colds in August. Very snotty but still a smiler.

The last couple of days he’s rolling over as soon as he’s laid down and three days ago he squiggled on his tummy and moved about a foot. Clever sausage pot.

I love this gorgeous lump of love.




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