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The hilaridom of a two year old

The Pob’s talking has aways been pretty great and something I’m very proud of. He’s a clever clogs. Of course I’ve heard people saying their child went through the ‘why’ stage ho ho ho, ha ha ha. Or the ‘look at that fat lady’ stage. But in my head I never thought these things happened.… Continue reading The hilaridom of a two year old

the sissy

The Dog’s four monther

So, The Dog is four months ten days. He’s changing every day. He’s becoming so very big and grown up so very quickly. The Pob keeps saying ‘look mummy he’s got hair’ it’s definitely growing now, blondey but not as white blonde as his brother was. He is leaning forward, wanting to sit, wanting to… Continue reading The Dog’s four monther

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Play matters: homemade dinosaur land

I read a lot of play ideas, especially on Ghost Writer Mummy’s blog and on The Boy and Me’s blog. And sometimes I get round to doing things myself, some ideas need to wait til The Pob’s a little bit bigger. But…The Pob has just started preschool and I’m halfway through my maternity leave with… Continue reading Play matters: homemade dinosaur land