All about the pob

The Pob’s 27 monther, a boy

The Pob’s 27 monther is late but what can you do when you’re struggling to finish renovating a house, care for a newborn and go about your dailies…

So The Pob is officially two and a quarter.

He is very testing right now. He’s wanting to do absolutely everything ‘mineself’. Top frustrating things so far are:
1) getting in the carseat
2) walking up/downstairs so slowly that I spend at least half my waking hours on the stairs…must work on that one.

We are firmly in to the terrible twos. Eating is a challenge and is painfully slow or fidgety.

I have to say my patience is being stretched to its limit.

But then if he wasn’t so clever he’d not be so testing (stick with me..) he gets bored, needs stimulation and he’s testing his boundaries. This I know but it’s still tiresome.

Especially when you are up at night with a baby.

But he is also so grown up. His speech is incredible for his age, something I’m really proud of. And he’s just started trying and wanting to learn how to hold his fingers up to signify numbers.

He’s just got in to Mater and the other Cars characters. He’s really in to cranes, helicopters, hooking up things in general.

He is so confident at swimming, is trying to swim underwater himself, does not want any help swimming and is fearless. I want to harness this, our names are down for a class.

He is the most polite of boys, please and thank you and turns on the charm at the drop of a hat around a new person. He is struggling with sharing and is learning.

He calls his boy cousins ‘my cousins’ and his girl cousins by their given names.

He is a mummy’s boy. Demanding ‘I want to cuddle my mummy’ when he’s hurt or scared.

Tonight he asked ‘Daddy is there a dinosaur in the loft’.

He says ‘back it on’ instead of put it back together. And ‘well done Dabby Dosey’. He still says ‘naight’instead of eight but I’m sure it’s not going to last much longer. He says ‘way go’ instead of there you go. He’s just started saying ‘what we going today mummy’ when he gets up or wakes from his nap as his way of asking ‘where are we going’ or ‘what are we doing’.

He’s named the fish on the bathroom wallpaper big bad Barry, Edward, Stanley and best if all Conki (which he made up himself).

The other day I was walking our of the shower in to my bedroom (The Pob was walking behind me) he said ‘you’ve got a wobbly bottom mummy’. Charmed!

He is still sleeping well, 12 -13 hours at night 2-3 in the day. But he’s testing with ‘one more book/song/cuddle’.

He’s started to want to help in the kitchen and has tried peeling carrots and chopping a few veggies.

Only a few weeks til he starts pre school, my tummy is in knots. I’m not ready. I don’t want to loose a tiny bit of time with him. But I know he’ll thrive.

He’s just getting so grown up. My little big boy, big brother. Two and a quarter.

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