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The farm and the woods: Country Kids

This week we had lots of outdoor time. It was mums birthday on 17th and we went off out with the Pledger Coleys for an outing to our local farm, Standalone in Letchworth. We’ve got season tickets which makes short trips such good value and its perfect to pop in for an outing if you’re at a loose end or for a day out too.

Normally we go in the morning but this time we went in the afternoon which was great because we got to see the milking, something we haven’t managed to see before. The Pob was really interested and watched and listened to the description. Seemed really interested in the whole experience. The older cousins were too. But Lil was petrified!

The other great thing about the visit was the new combine harvester play equipment. It’s a fantastic climbing frame for bigger children (although The Pob did manage it too).


Our other outdoor outing this week was to Campton woods. Last time we went it was winter, the change is immense, I couldn’t even recognise some of the pathways from last time. We walked down to the river where we played pooh sticks and pooh trees (Uncle Steve). We balanced on toppled trees and explored the carvings. The children were all exhausted by the time we left. I love the woods, it’s even more magical with the carvibgs


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

2 thoughts on “The farm and the woods: Country Kids

  1. Two great Country Kids adventures in one week! A season ticket for a farm is a great idea, I hope you get to see the animals from babies to grown ups through out the year? Perfect not to feel the need to stay all day too. Love the woods at any time, take a look in Autumn too, the leaves and colours are so different again. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

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