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2013 365 20th August ‘the boy can scoot’

Today I went to Tesco and bout a Thomas tilt and balance scooter for a bargain £15. The offer wasn’t on online, only instore. I love Tesco!

I’ve been wanting to get one for a while, I worry, with lack of scooting or cycling areas at home that he won’t ‘get it’. We still have a rubble patio in the garden. So I thought I’d but it and commit to a scoot trip a week, not too ambitious.

Today was also Olivia and Martha’s birthdays. We didn’t get to see Martga today BUT we scooted to Olivia’s party. The route to Olivia’s is perfect for scooting or biking with a long straight path which is not next to the road.

The Pob declared ‘I a spaceman mummy’ patting his knee and elbow pads that his paranoid
mother insisted upon. Then off he scooted. A natural, after watching the herds of girls in his life whizzing about. He ended up in a hedge, I ended up in a hedge, The Dog (in the pram) ended up in the hedge.

The scooter is for 3+ but he rode it well, managing to balance and scoot. He so loves Thomas too. Obsessed you might say. And for me it was super duper easy to put together, just one click. Although I did have to get mum to make it click as I’m a weakling.

I think he’ll get the concept of tilt and steer as we practice. He did veer to the left a lot I guess as he was scooting with his left leg. But the steering will come.

Big boy on scooter :


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