2013 365 19th August ‘a morning coffee’

This morning we went for breakfast with Tam (MrSlender’s sister) and her husband, Edd. They live in Melbourne, Australia.

Even though we haven’t seen them for two years and, with two small children, it’s hard to regularly Skype, it’s just the same. I think that’s when you know you’ve married in to the right family!

It’s happy and exciting to see them, it’s strange, you want to talk about everything that’s happened but somehow you don’t want to too it seems irrelevant when whats important is we get to be a big family. You want to just talk about silly things and the plans for the day. You want to do all the mundane things that you never can do together. Anything at all. And maybe don’t want to muddy the time with real life. That’s the good thing I guess about not living near your family, you just get the good bits, you visit for happy times.

But you know, most days are happy anyway. Real life included. It’s just life stuff after all and visit or no visit what’s important is family. And everyday we have our little family. But for the next few weeks we get a ‘Uncle Tamie and Uncle Eddie’ according to The Pob, too.

And it’s so lovely to see the children loving their far far away family.


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