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Have boy: must go to Diggerland (Country kids)

Last week we went to Diggerland in Kent. I’d been telling The Pob about it for a few days so by the morning of the trip he was very excited.
‘Whats today’ I said
‘DIGGERLAND Mummy, go now…?’

Off we trundled (sans sat nav). From Bedfordshire the nearest is Kent and although we had to navigate the M25 in rush hour I have to report it was fine and we arrived in an hour and a half. We were a little early (9.30 but it opens at 10). So we drove past it down to the banks of the river where we got some porridge and a coffee from McDonalds to pass the time.

Once 10am arrived and we’d met Auntie Lucy, Brilliant Steve, the cousins and their Grandma Ruth, we loaded up to roll on in. I have to say on first glance I was dubious, the car park seemed small and it looked a little unprofessional for a theme park. But they are undergoing works…


Under 0.9 metres are free so I only paid for myself (adults £14.95). You can get a discount if you book in advance online or if you print off a voucher. But best of all if you convert your Tesco Clubcard points it works out as £5 of vouchers…bargain!


In we went and we immediately met Duggy and Daisy, the characters of the park who were very friendly and who we continued to bump in to throughout the day. The Pob was quite overcome with the size of the park and the amount of machinery.


After a bit of cajoling (and some Calpol incase he was feeling poorly) we went on the ‘train’.

Even though The Pob got in free he was pretty much 0.9m and so we went on lots of rides.


There’s also a fab sand pit and a good indoor play area (although in our experience it needed a bit more supervision which resulted in us having to get out).

We ate lunch at the restaurant which was good quality and not horrifically overpriced. And there wasn’t just burgers, I had a halloumi salad.

It did rain but we just donned our coats, took some shelter in a tank, as you do (where The Dog had a feed) and toughed it out.

My favourite ride was the dumper trucks. The Pob rode on my lap, we all went truck by truck. The best thing about this ride is independence. On his second go Harry drove himself. What a treat for a 6 year old. How grown up.


That’s the good thing about Diggerland, some of the rides are tame, some scary, some you drive, some you get driven, some big, some small, some long, some short. But the queues were always short (apart from the JCB (I drove it!).

It was a great day out, even for the girls…!


The funniest moment for me was (after The Pob had done a runner and the face planted into a metal sign – it was the end of the day and serious tiredness was setting in) on a land rover, me, The Pob and Harry were having a ride when The Pob glanced up…
‘Whatttsssaat mummy?’ He said, pointing to the sunroof
‘Its kind of like a window but in the roof darling, it’s called a sunroof’
Wisely The Pob nodded ‘Just like Grandma Roof’ he said…

Thumbs up to Diggerland! We’ll be back…

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

2 thoughts on “Have boy: must go to Diggerland (Country kids)

  1. What a fantastic place for the whole family and especially for those little ones that are truck and digger mad! It sounds like it was a great day out with the added bonus of play areas and a good restaurant, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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