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2013 365 13th August ‘no more newborn’ The Dog’s 3 monther

Today The Dog is three months old. Officially not a newborn baby. Wow. I miss my newborn baby. Hours are seconds with my boys and time is slipping. But every second I adore them. Even if I’m revoltingly tired.

So at three months. The Dog is a super smiler. And chuckles. He’s learning to laugh, it’s like a chortle. We’re practicing by fluttering kisses on his tummy.

He is still super chilled. Everyone comments on it. He’s so patient.

He weighs 14lb, a whole stone. His hair is coming through now too, it’s not as light as The Pob’s was. He has rolled over three times and got stuck. He’s trying to sit forward and up but isn’t strong enough. He takes weight on his legs.

He was sleeping 8-4am but has had really severe nappy rash and I think is having a development burst so has started waking and is going 7pm-12am-4-6am which is tiring but not as horrific as with the Pob.

He adores muslins to snuggle and properly holds them. He still won’t have a dummy but loves sucking his fingers. He sleeps in his cot bed in his room.

His napping is random throughout the day but we’re trying to get a bit more structure. But he’s still happy and relaxed with it. He’ll sleep anywhere and as long as he gets some cuddles he’s happy.

I can settle him just by placing my hand on his chest.

I adore him.


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