2013 365 7th August ‘friends’

Today we spent most of the day amongst lots of friends and their children in one of their gardens. The Pob had a lovely time playing on the climbing frame, in the water, with the ride ons and just generally with his friends.

This is Olivia, and her mum, Vicki.

They are firm friends and absolutely boss each other around (The Pob and Olivia that is). Right in each others faces. In fact they are more like siblings or cousins. They are very familiar and The Pob often talks about Olivia and her family in conversation. Even more so because Baby Louie is just five weeks older than The Dog. Today Vicki caught the two babies smiling at each other. I hope they grow up and remain important in each others lives.

Here The Pob and Olivia are fighting for Vicki’s lap space. Sometimes even if you aren’t family you are family.



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