The pobs

2013 365 2nd August ‘date night’

Tonight we went on a full blown date. Just us. That hasn’t happened for I think possibly two years. What a scary thought. We’ve been out of course, but never just us. It was bliss. We were just us.

No worries for an evening. No bums to wipe, clothes to wash, dinner to cook. It made me melancholy for our 20’s, in London a lot, going out, no responsibility. We talked about stuff, random things, not just the children.

We ate in peace. I had wine. We went to the theatre.

Then in the interval MrSlender saw a poster for We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. I think we were both feeling very happy and lucky to have our little family.

It’s lovely and really important to have time together.

Even though I miss my care free days when outings were a plenty I know when these present days are over I’ll miss them more. Miss my days where my time was taken saturated in activities for toddlers and feeding babies. Where a smile, cuddle or a word would light up my day. Day after day.

This is the best time so far.

So off we rushed home…


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