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Country kids: the hospital garden

This week has been extremely tiring. Having spent Sunday to Wednesday evening in hospital with a poorly Pob we didn’t have much time for the outdoors this week.

However, the play facilities at Lister Hospital in Stevenage are fantastic and provided us with some outdoor time even in hospital.

By Tuesday afternoon The Pob was tired of being cooped up in a room with me and The Dog and was ready for a little exercise. Off to the playroom we trotted. What I didn’t expect was outside space. The weather was overcast and warm (not hot). So we took the opportunity to venture out.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the outdoor area, climbing frames, slides, ride ons, scooters, a seesaw, playhouses. But the best things we found were the guinea pigs and the huge rocks.

I was amazed that a hospital has guinea pigs but Marilyn the play worker has been determined to provide the children with varied experiences and even runs a guinea pig wash once a month. The guinea pigs were definitely a favourite and perked The Pob up no end.

By Wednesday morning The Pob was climbing the big rocks in the garden. I went to take a photo but didn’t have my phone. I did wonder if this could count towards his 50 things but thought perhaps the rocks weren’t quite big enough!

So here is a photo or two of him playing inside including meeting Bella the dog…




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


14 thoughts on “Country kids: the hospital garden

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve spent so much time in hospital – it is nice that these facilities are provided though and know it has made a big difference to my young man when we’ve had to go in.

  2. It must be so hard to be so little and be in hospital, so it is great that they seem to have such good facilities to help make it as fun and pleasant as they can. I can only imagine how terrified you were when he took sick, but seeing these happy pictures of him is lovely x

  3. I love the picture of Pod and Bella, they looked like they got on beautifully. Hospitals have come a long way in providing play facilities for children in their care. It’s great that the one you were in had some great care workers who obviously understood children’s play, I love the idea of the Guinea Pigs as well. I hope Pod is much better soon and I look forward to reading next weeks post of fun at Diggerland, thanks for joining in with Country Kids.

  4. oh no poor Pob and poor you having a hospital bound boy 😦 i hope he is better now. the hospital provides some wonderful playtime fun for its patients! nice to see him smiling x x

  5. Hope you are now and home and things are much better. Its great the hospital has these outside spaces as they can get so stuffy inside and never seem to have any air movement at all

  6. love the ball pool picture, its great how hospitals realise the need for play in recovery. when my generation were children mum dropped you off and went back for you on release day, with my kids you had to fight to get to stay with them and the hospital hated it, I remember the playroom was only open Mon-Fri 9-5 as well, how times have changed for the better.

  7. Hello I am ‘Bella on the Beat’ the chilrend ward Therapy Dog. I love working atthe hospital and seeing, cuddling and playing wit the children. I have the children bandage me up, take my temp (disposible strips) put splints on, Glitter make up, dress up and even had my toe nails painted bright red. I even get on with the Ginni’s.I love my job here and at the hospice. Thank you so much for your feedback. Marlyn and the Play team are just fab! You are right, this hospital has come a long way! Bella x

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