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2013 365 1st August ‘back at home’

Lately 365 hasn’t gone so well for us with missing days, to be honest, left right and centre.

So August is a huge month for us with loads of exciting stuff going on so I’m promising myself to make August our month of 365. I’m going to post everyday. Im not hoing to worry how great my photos are. im going to use it to document our summer month.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ve got to look forward to:

Lots of birthdays! One of The Pob’s best friends and his cousin Moo, a two year old birthday, grandad’s, Granny’s and Auntie Lucy’s.


A picnic in Cambridge

Wimpole farm and Hall

A visit from our Australian rellies (MrSlender’s sis and bro in law)

A bank holiday with Daddy

A visit to Corf

Lots if lovely other outings and just some normal days together

But for now we’re just grateful to be home from hospital.

On 1st August I took the boys for a little wander to town, nothing too energetic for our first day out. And a special treat for my Thomas mad boy. A little ride to say hurrah we are home and getting healthy.

I’m so grateful for this.


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7 thoughts on “2013 365 1st August ‘back at home’

  1. What a lovely carousel! So pleased to have you back on board, most definitely welcomed with open arms. Hope life settles down a bit for you now.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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