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Country kids: the delights of the strawberry fields

One of my most vivid memories as a child is strawberry picking at our local fruit farm with my sister. Tasting the delights along the way, getting my knees, face, hands and clothes as strawberryish as possible much to my parents delight. I loved being outdoors, playing on the old blue tractor and tyres. It’s… Continue reading Country kids: the delights of the strawberry fields

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A good housewife/mother/responsible adult day

Today has been one of those days. Not the ones where you can’t get out of bed, far from it. I had a good nights few hours sleep. It was sunny. I got up happy and I’ve stayed happy. But today I have questioned the ability of myself to look after two other humans let… Continue reading A good housewife/mother/responsible adult day

the sissy

Sammy Dog at 2 months

Today Sammy Dog is two months old. He’s so beautiful it’s hard to imagine life without him. Life is chaotic, but more than before, with a toddler, I just don’t know. He remains the opposite of his brother, totally chilled out, happy to take a backseat. I feel guilty, like I’m not spending enough time… Continue reading Sammy Dog at 2 months

All about the pob

Dinner conversations with a two year old

It’s dinner time in the Slender household. It’s a firm favourite all round (well me and the pob anyway) spag bol. Granny’s recipe. Me: ‘Dinner time…’ The Pob: ‘ton’t want dinner time mummy. Need mine dinner now. I get in myself’ Me: ‘I’ll lift you in, it’s spag bol’ The Pob: ‘love spag bol. Mummy… Continue reading Dinner conversations with a two year old