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Country kids: the delights of the strawberry fields

One of my most vivid memories as a child is strawberry picking at our local fruit farm with my sister. Tasting the delights along the way, getting my knees, face, hands and clothes as strawberryish as possible much to my parents delight. I loved being outdoors, playing on the old blue tractor and tyres.

Me and my sis

It’s with huge pleasure I can do this with my sons. Sadly not at the same fruit farm but a local one none the less in Gravely.

Cousin love

It’s prime strawberry picking time and the raspberries and coming along too. We’ve got a few plants in our garden but only enough for the pob to pick and run.

The pob picking

The strawberries and raspberries taste delicious (as declared by the pob). So different from the supermarket.

We got LOADS for £6.06! Pretty good I think. Plus the ones in our bellies of course (and a donation to the air ambulance).

Lady Lily

I love that the pob can learn where fruit comes from and enjoy the freedom of running around the plants and picking his own food. He’s just starting to declare ‘I hungry eat din dins’ or ‘mummy hungry have some tea’ so his awareness of eating and hunger are at a prime. I love that I can teach him about fresh food.

It’s such a safe place to run up and down in the shade, explore under the plants and generally have some tasty fun! And after picking there’s the pigs to visit and eat feed too (we love a bit of bacon).

The dog, auntie Lucy is hilarious

But my favourite part is at the end, all strawberry covered, hot and sticky having a good play on the old metal climbing frame, old blue tractor, cement tubes and best of all…the pob’s ultimate…straw…

Old school cement tunnels

One of his fave things

You can join in and share what you’ve been up to outdoors with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids linky on the button below.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

6 thoughts on “Country kids: the delights of the strawberry fields

  1. It’s just the right weather for being out in the strawberry fields, isn’t it? I took my two small people strawberry picking the other week and blogged about it too. They loved it, and we came home with lots of big, juicy strawberries!

  2. We have a bit of fruit in our garden at home but you’re right, fruit picking is such a fun thing to do on a farm. I need to go and find somewhere local to us-haven’t taken the children yet and they’d love it. Stopping by from #CountryKids

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