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A good housewife/mother/responsible adult day

Today has been one of those days. Not the ones where you can’t get out of bed, far from it. I had a good nights few hours sleep. It was sunny. I got up happy and I’ve stayed happy. But today I have questioned the ability of myself to look after two other humans let alone myself. And also wondered…am I sane in my decision making?!

I started this post sitting in Formula 1 auto centre waiting for my aircon to be regassed. This was an off the cuff decision. That was after the back hoof decision to go to Dunelm in 30 degrees in a car with no aircon with a newborn and a 2 year old. Sendible dont you think?

And deciding on the way I couldn’t stand the heat (as the pob gasped ‘water mummy’ from the backseat) and stopping en route (not on route people take note!) for said regassing. A mear 1/4 mile from dunelm. I’d take a pleasant stroll, I thought as I remembered I hadn’t bought the trusty double donkey but the MY4 base so I could just pop the car seat on in Dunelm. Why hadn’t I forseen my double buggy need? Oh well, it was only 30 degrees after all, we’d be fine with the buggy board. And we really needed to regas. Right now.

After I’d pumped up my flat tyres on the MY4 (not with the electronic air pump that the car service man kindly tried to use for me but) with my hand pump (which he offered to do for me – I’m thinking I was looking a little helpless). Off we went, across a main road with no pavement. Of course I was wearing flip flops and as you do with a buggy board I kicked it. Hard. And split my big toe nail. Foot covered in blood I laughed to myself and carried on.

Once in Dunelm, where I’d gone to buy blinds, as one does with a newborn in a carseat on a base with a toddler on a buggy board, we started shopping. Foot glued to my husbands flip flop with blood we proceeded to the blind section. Perhaps any sane human at this point would have thought…what am I doing buying blinds (5ft and 4ft) when I have to WALK them back to the 1/4 of a mile away car (in said heat) (reference how I was transporting children). But no no, not me.

The pob pointed out his fave (after discussing the merits of a digger blind) which he then insisted on carrying dragging to the loo, back downstairs and to the til (the 4fter thankfully). In this short space of time I was asked four times if I wanted help to the car. ‘No no’ I chortled, ‘I’ll be fine.’ I said grimacing and trying not to limp.

At the till we paid for the blinds, four tea towels and two shower puffs with an octopus and a frog on (don’t ask). It then took me 10 minutes and three offers of help to get out the door. I did accept the last offer and out we went, past the 4ft apart barriers ie not that big to fit a 5ft blind balanced across your car seat. ‘Thats it now, no more barriers, thank you so much’ I quipped.

Only to cross the road (with the woman) and be faced with yet more barriers. Still we were on the home straight.

We made it back. Blinds and babes intact. I felt like I’d run a marathon. Still 20 mins to go til the car was finished. Obviously I’d believed the 40 minutes the guy had stated. Moron (me not him).

Like a gift from the gods there was a TV and Cbeebies in the waiting area (no aircon). Hallelujah. I whipped out my feeding utensils (boob) and we were sorted. Thankfully only three of the four walls were made of glass. Thank goodness for feeding aprons. We were joined briefly by a man who quickly stated ‘there’s only so much kids TV (one minute) you can take.’ Good riddance!

The service though was wonderful and when I haphazardly laid Sammy in the boot whilst collapsing the buggy only to nearly launch it in to the boot on him our service guy kindly lifted it gently in (while I held the babe). £42 and three hours later later we were on our way home. Quite reasonable I thought.

The pob was a saint and the second miracle of the day was no toddler tantrums. Quite magnificent but probably due to all the interesting drama.

On the way home, an hour after his normal tea time, the wheels on the bus was interspersed with ‘I’m hungry mummy’. Goooood. Thank the lord daddy was home to have dinner on the table for our return (which I dropped on my other foot and burnt my skin ).

Oh and this morning I’d sent MrSlender to work with a fly trapped in his salad lunch box.

A good housewife/mother/responsible and sane adult day all round I’d say.


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