the sissy

Sammy Dog at 2 months

Today Sammy Dog is two months old. He’s so beautiful it’s hard to imagine life without him. Life is chaotic, but more than before, with a toddler, I just don’t know.

He remains the opposite of his brother, totally chilled out, happy to take a backseat. I feel guilty, like I’m not spending enough time with him but anyone who’s had a baby and a toddler knows the reality.

He’s slotted in to our lives like he was always there. I know him now. We’ve got to know each other.

He’s changing so quickly. He’s nearly 13lbs now. He’s out of his newborn clothes. He’s batting toys. Can nearly roll on to his side. Is watching and aware of things going on. He is getting to the stage where he needs to sleep in his cot sometimes (we’re putting it up on Sunday). He isn’t in a routine and doesn’t have a bedtime but I think it’s coming up, it’s on the cards. He wants to sleep in the evenings but is unsettled with lots going on around him.

He’s not so blonde as his brother but light brown. With such cheeky chubby cheeks and beautiful blue eyes.

He coos beautifully and likes to have a good conversation.

He’s tried a bottle once, didn’t drink much and was a bit confused but kind of managed it.

I honestly have no idea how many feeds he has a day. But sleep, it’s so much better than his brothers! He sleeps in the evenings pretty much then has a 5 hour max stint between about 10 and 3. Then wakes 5.30ish and again at 7ish. I’m pleased with that compared to the pobs two hourly waking a for months on end.

He’s so placid, even when he wakes he doesn’t cry, in the daytime he just lays there until he’s picked up and at night he just chews on his hands until I feed him.

He’s such a happy smiley boy. We wouldn’t be without him. He’s our lovely little big boy.




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