All about the pob

Dinner conversations with a two year old

It’s dinner time in the Slender household.

It’s a firm favourite all round (well me and the pob anyway) spag bol. Granny’s recipe.

Me: ‘Dinner time…’
The Pob: ‘ton’t want dinner time mummy. Need mine dinner now. I get in myself’
Me: ‘I’ll lift you in, it’s spag bol’
The Pob: ‘love spag bol. Mummy love spag bol.’
Me: ‘Yes. Mummy love spag bol.’
The Pob: ‘mummy hungry eat it all up’
Me: ‘Yes. You eat yours up too’
The Pob: ‘mummy do it’ (thrusts spoon at me)
Me: ‘ok come on then’ (spoons up a chunk of beef)
The Pob: ‘ball bags for dindins lovely and tasty’

So the likeness of clumpy minced beef to ball bags (what ball bags i have no idea) will forever mean we now have spag balls as our favourite dinner. Still remains lovely and tasty.



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