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Nestled in deepest Suffolk: Assington Mill

Here I sit. In my family’s heritage. With my youngest son, on the edge of a stubble field. All I can hear is the wind whistling the long grasses and trees, birds singing and cooing, the odd insect buzzing past. And possibly some thunder in the distance. No cars or trains, drunks or kids, dishwashers… Continue reading Nestled in deepest Suffolk: Assington Mill

365 · All about the pob

2013 365 #201 ‘hot’

This photo was taken yesterday when we were having a picnic by the car after visiting the Lavender Fields at Hitchin. It was extremely hot. Even at 5pm. But that’s not the reason this photo is hot. Here The Pob is eating Granny’s homemade Bombay potato. Out of choice. His face is one of uncertainty… Continue reading 2013 365 #201 ‘hot’

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Losing your identity as a mum

After reading @3yearsandhome’s post on ‘before I became a mum‘ I started thinking maybe I need to think about before I became a mum, motherhood, identity and compromise and acceptance. Motherhood is for life not just for Christmas. Why does no one tell you that? Why does no one tell you it changes you FOREVER!… Continue reading Losing your identity as a mum

365 · the sissy

2013 365 #200 ‘building’

Today’s theme is building and although many people have taken photos of actual buildings that’s not what my blog is about (apart from our house). It’s about our family. So I’ve decided to post two photos about The Dog building his skills and experience. The first is his first ever time in his cot. He… Continue reading 2013 365 #200 ‘building’