Country kids: watching the fisherman

This week we’ve been outdoors a lot with a trip to the farm, the safari park and little visits in the garden and the park. But sometimes the impromptu visits are the best. On Friday we walked into the town and when we were out decided to get to the park. We had fun swinging very very high…


Then played hide and seek behind some huge trees. Now the pob can count we can really play, he was funny looking for me ‘mummy where aaaaah you…’ But a little bit of panic set in when I wasn’t visible which made me jump straight out.

We tested out running and ran to different trees, racing along together. Although we did have to pause to pick daisies/look at the ‘tree tunnels'(canopies)/ look for sticks.


Then we went to watch the fisherman where we learnt about whispering and why we whisper near fisherman. We were very lucky to see a teeny fish caught which amazed the pob. He’s been talking about it since.


These days it’s a good way to get out and do chores but have fun, to balance some chores with an outdoor trip of fun too on the way or way home.

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3 thoughts on “Country kids: watching the fisherman

  1. it cant all be work, work work and look how much fun you all had on a spur of the moment trip! I love those types of adventures too, not knowing what may happen but its always fun. He looks so happy on that swing x

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