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Thirty years young

Today I am thirty years old. So I thought I would have a think about what that means.

When I was a child I thought 30 was old, I would be married, have children, own a house (how tiresome!). When I met and married my husband (at 21) his sister tuned 30, I thought it was the height of sophistication and maturity (what was I thinking Tam?!). I thought that was eons away. At 25 I stood in a pub with one of my closest friends (five years my junior) and said ‘god when you are 25 I’ll be 30.’ It seemed old.

Low and behold here I am. I’m 30. My Dad was 30 when he had me. How can Dads even be 30? Surely they are just this uncategorised number. 30 is too young for that.

And anyway how can I be 30 when I am still 21?

Flirty and thirty – nope too tired, dirty and thirty – possibly (does that include vomit and poop covered?). Shame tired, constantly worried and badly dressed don’t rhyme with 30.

But here I am 30, a wife, a mother of two boys who I am immensely proud of. Being a mother is something I never thought I would get so much reward from, I never dreamt of how special my life would be by my children and I would have not understood that until I had my children. I have a good career to go back to. A beautiful pub-come-house. A wonderful husband (note this was written before I knew what my present was so may need to be edited). I have some wonderful friends and family.

I am missing some very special people in my life though. Every birthday I think of my close friend I lost at 15 years old. Half my lifetime ago. She shared my birthday, we shared our birthday. She would be 31 today. Happy birthday to Kate.

And others too for one reason or another aren’t in my life anymore; death, distance, disagreements…

I guess being 30 has made me think. Everyone changes over the years, some people come, some people go. Sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re glad. But all experiences make us who we are and life is to be treasured. I’m not who I thought I would be at 30 when I was 10, 20 or 25. I’m just me still. Simple. But different over the years. Goodbye 20’s. Hello 30’s let’s see what treasure’s you hold…


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