National breastfeeding week: breastfeeding tips

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When I had my first son two years ago I really thought everyone could just breastfeeding easily. Oh how wrong I was. It is one of the hardest things anyone can do. I started by holding the pobs head…my first mistake (as they can’t throw their heads back to get the nipple in the right place = painful feeds). Don’t be scared of the wobbly head, it will not fall off!!

So tips…I needed them and I still need them now. The best tips given to me and that have helped me are:

1) Chin should be firmly in to the breast
If you see a ‘clicking’ jaw they are on right
2) They need a huge gobful of boob, not just a nipple
Lansinoh is a god send, apply liberally at first!
3) Feeding should never be painful. Don’t let it be.
4) Use your little finger to sweep in the corner of a little mouth to hook them off.
5) If they aren’t on right take them off, keep taking them off til they’re on right, it’s how they’ll learn and painful feeding is not fun, you should not accept a painful feed. If its still painful please please get help, you might have a tongue tie.
6) Use pillows, get a feeding pillow if poss, they are 100% worth it
7) Don’t worry if they only feed from one boob per feed/only feed for 3 mins/feed for 2 hours/feed every 2 hours/5 hours, trust your body and your baby. If you are both happy and they are gaining weight just go with it, ignore other people’s opinions and crack on with what you want to do. Every baby is different.
8) Use a feeding apron if you are a private person
9) Get a decent nursing bra
10) If you are uncomfy change position
11) Point your baby’s mouth so your nipple hits the soft part of the palate, top back of the roof of the mouth. If this isn’t working aim the nipple straight to the back of the mouth.
12) Once established yellow poo means good feed, green poo means feeding isn’t quite right. Not much poo means no waste as all milk is being used for growing.
13) You will both change as you go along, you’ll need to change how and when you feed, remember that it’ll always be changing and don’t worry about it.
14) Find someone who can help you when you need it. Online, health visitor, friend, breastfeeding group…
15) Layer clothes- pull one top up and one top down to feed or use the fab breastvest (which means you do not ruin your clothes!) later in the week you can win one on my blog, look out for the competition. They look like this….

There’s a discount code each day, follow @breastvest to find them. Today’s is 3 for 2 using checkout code NBW342.

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14 thoughts on “National breastfeeding week: breastfeeding tips

  1. I made the mistake of trying to feed to a routine with my first daughter. Now with my second I am feeding on demand and we are both so much more relaxed and I able to enjoy it much more.

  2. Make sure you get as much as support you can with getting the latch right. This will make it so much easier

  3. my top tip would be to get to your local support groups before baby arrives, meet the breastfeeding supporters and local breastfeeding mums. These people and their companionship, support, knowledge and experience will be so valuable to you, and its easier to go to them after baby is born if you have already met them.

  4. Yes tongue tie is a big issue as most HCPs have no idea about it (particularly posterior ties). See a lactation consultant if you’re having problems!

  5. My top tip is to never let yourself or others question your milk supply, if your baby is producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies then your doing a good job 🙂

  6. Find you local support group and pop along before baby arrives so that you already have friendly faces to turn to if it gets hard

  7. Don’t watch the clock to see how often or how long your baby is nursing. Instead, go with your instincts. If your baby is rooting around or crying, then feed him or her — even if you just did.

  8. I used lanolin ointment on my nipples faithfully morning and night and never experienced any cracking or bleeding when I started nursing.

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