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National breastfeeding week: The benefits of breastfeeding

logo 2013Today is the start of national breastfeeding week. Each year there is a breastfeeding scavenger hunt where lots of bloggers link together to talk about all things breastfeeding, there are lots of competitions and different companies involved. Breastfeeding is something close to my heart (ba boom) as it majorly helped me bond with the pob after suffering birth trauma. So I want to help others to understand what breastfeeding is all about and hopefully offer some support.

Last year during the hunt I wrote a post about the benefits of breastfeeding. At the time I didn’t think that in a years time I’d be feeding a different baby. But here we are again, I’m now feeding Sammy (6 weeks) and I’m finding the benefits different. So everyone has their own priorities and own benefits but here are mine this time around (check mine out last time around too):

1) convenience. It’s so easy to whap out your bap at anytime. No heating/sterilising required. No need to remember to take your boobs along.
2) you get to feed your baby and you don’t have to share šŸ˜‰
3) you can’t leave your baby for long periods so can’t be pressured
4) breast milk is best…it was made to do its job, nothing can beat it
5) weight loss and appetite, you can eat more and lose weight, what could be better
6) comforting your baby, it’s easy to comfort them with boobs
7) you have lovely big boobies šŸ™‚
8) it’s free!!!
9) you don’t have periods while you feed (I didn’t for a year)
10) it’s precious time just you and your baby

There are herd and herds of benefits and you can see some of them on the other bloggers sites some of which are:
Faded Seaside Mamma
The Mummy Adventure
Life, love and living with boys
Red rose mummy

And there are some great companies involved if you want to visit them including…
Breast vest
Barefoot books
Baba sling

The rules of the Scavenger Hunt are here, but simply read and comment on any of the blogs joining in and register using the rafflecopters or other commenting to gather entries and points to win the grand prize…

You can gain an entry to my competition for today by going to this Rafflecopter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

6 thoughts on “National breastfeeding week: The benefits of breastfeeding

  1. Brilliant list! I totally agree with all of them and the best thing about breastfeeding second time round is that I get the best excuse to get out of jobs I don’t want to do by saying that my little boy needs feeding! x

  2. I think my favourite benefit is the bond I have with my bubba, those feeding cuddles are the best. Oh, and the fact neither of us has really suffered from a serious cold because of all those antibodies is a bonus too!

  3. I agree with all those benefits. My favourite is the convience, I could not imagine bottle feeding at all. I really need to find the motivation to start expressing and trying my baby with the odd bottle but I can’t be bothered with the faffing and I think I would miss the bonding. On the other hand I do want to be able to leave her occasionally.

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