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Smiler and smiling at my boys

Today I have to record three things. One funny, one a sign of things to come and one wonderful. In reverse order of occurrence:

I just checked on the pob who said as soon as I moved the door handle ‘tractor’ I said nothing but walked in ‘tractor mummy’ I walked to his cot to check his temperature as he’s getting his last teeth and has been a bit off colour today. ‘Farmer mummy, tractor song. Farmer driving tractor. Sing tractor song mummy. Sing tractor song.’

Blimey I don’t know a tractor song.

Luckily I’m master lyricist and I launched into an improvised chorus of ‘tractor, tractor ride, the pob is on a tractor ride…’ It was terrible terribly catchy. Seemed to work though. Just what the doctor ordered (as well as nurofen), big kiss and back off to sleep. Amazing insight in to my big boys mind. How magical to share his dream and how funny that he’s still obsessed with tractors in his sleep.

Before bed the pob decided he wanted to get changed downstairs. He was feeling peaky so was a bit cranky. Whilst before he’s said ‘no mummy no’ when I’m trying to make him get changed for bed, tonight something different happened. He said ‘leave me alone’. Total blow. He has never ever said that before. A knife to the heart (but also hilarious and very dramatic – where does he get that from?!). A sign of things to come.

And then I come to my little boy. Who smiled at me. His first ever smile. It 100% was a smile, open mouthed. I could see it in his eyes. I was sitting on the living room floor holding him, talking to him, he was so awake and happy. He smiled such a goofy open mouthed smile. I tried to catch a smile on camera but failed. Still it’s in my memory. What a milestone. Beautiful boy.


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