the sissy

My four week old boy

Today Sammy is four weeks old. What a gob smacker. These past four weeks have gone like lightening and although its such a small snippet of time I think we all feel like Sammy has always been here.

The pob is now well used to his little brother and has been making lots of ‘big/little’ comparisons lately. He talks freely about Sammy and quite often just repeats ‘Baby Sammy Baby Sammy’ running around trying to find him before leaning over him for a snuggle saying ‘hey hey hey baby Sammy’ or ‘ahhhh ahhhhhh so cute’ obviously things he’s heard me or others saying. He really adores his little brother and is much more relaxed about who holds him now.

Sammy has grown hugely, he is fast filling up the Moses basket. In having him weighed tomorrow but I’m sure he’s put on. His first clothes are getting tight and 0-3 months are now fitting ok, some perfect, some a bit big, some even getting a bit short.

He now turns his head to not only my voice but his Daddy’s and Auntie Lucy too. He is so trying to smile and his eyes sometimes are lit up with happiness.

He has started cooing and builds up to a lovely ‘gahhh’ sound back at you if you talk to him intently.

Sammy loves snuggles. He likes nothing better than a bosom for a pillow (or a moob!). He likes to go to sleep most of all on his daddy and Grandpops (who he’ll miss hugely when we move out at the end of the week). Just last night I came upstairs from getting the lunches ready for today, MrSlender had just got in from fixing the new house, exhausted, he was meant to be putting Sammy down and I found Sammy on his chest and him laying on our bed. Both flat out. Apparently Sammy wanted a snuggle. He does this a lot, likes to be held. And we all love to cuddle him. Right now he’s laying asleep on my chest. Arms splayed. Snoring softly.

He’s now had a few baths and he loves them nearly as much as cuddles.

He is definitely going bald now but his spotty skin of a newborn getting used to the world is starting to improve. I’m glad but sad at the same time as it means newborn time is running out.

He’s feeding well and sleeping ok although he tends to get really bad gas in the morning between 3-6 normally which is tiring. He’s a bottom burper and struggles sometimes straining to get his wind out. Poor boy. I’m going to try infacol tonight. He has literally just exploded *goes off to deal with yellow poop*…

But other than that he’s managing max four hours sleep so far and goes to sleep about 7/8pm (on a person normally!) up before midnight then til 2/4am. I’m pretty tired but surviving.

He has the chubbiest cheeks still that go all the way up to his temple. He has a little chubby nose, beautiful blue eyes and a big tubby belly. He has the softest head. His profile is just like his scan photos. He looks a bit like his cousin George as a baby.

He’s a calm and quiet little boy with the happy blue eyes. I love him very much. Little Sammy, little brother, our little (big) four week old.


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