All about the pob

25 month old little big boy

Today the pob is 25 months old, the same day his little brother is four weeks old.

Since he turned two, and his brother was born, he seems to have grown in an inordinate amount.

Daily he has me in stitches. Here are a few things he’s done this month:

Got up, come down for ‘brek brek’ only to ask Granny for cucky (custard) with sugar stars on to start the day, when she said custard isn’t for breakfast he thought for a minute then declared he wanted sugar. Just sugar.

He’s started saying what he likes/no likes/loves. We were playing in the conservatory and he went and pressed the button on his tool bench to make a drilling sound and declared ‘love this one’ like it was a song he loved.

I’ve realised some things I say all the time by the pob saying them. One is ‘I think’. He wanders around saying it all the time. He cups his ear with his hand and declares ‘a car I think mummy’ or ‘a bike I think mummy’.

He has also started saying ‘actually’. We’ll have a conversation that goes like this:

‘Whats that mummy’
‘Thats a tree’
‘Actually a bush mummy’
‘Oh right, ok yes it’s a bush’

He also sings to himself a lot. I caught him singing incy wincy to a spider in the sand pit, the other day he was dinging twinkle twinkle to Sammy on his playmat, all unprompted.

He’s learnt lot of new words like ‘excellent’ and uses them unprompted in context. Last week in the car he said ‘mine snack disappeared mummy’ sure enough it had, under the seat.

On another car journey he told me he was tired so I said lean back and shut your eyes. Dutifully he did so only to state ‘all red mummy’ commenting on the inside of his eyes. On the same journey Daddy was on the speaker phone through the stereo and the pob shouted ‘I’ve got a bogie in nose daddy’ priceless.

He loves his bed more than ever and is sleeping 3 hours in the day and 13 at night (alright for some!). Last night he laid down shut his eyes and said ‘relax now mummy’. Like father like son.

Yesterday on the way home for lunch I asked him what he would like for lunch ‘something mummy, I’m not really sure’ he replied. His language has just sky rocketed over the last month.

He’s started doing ‘the strong man’ when he’s excited where he flexes his muscles grits his teeth and smiles. I’m going to have to film it. He got it from Grandad!

In play he has started to make his toys talk to each other saying ‘cuse me Thomas’ ‘go round that way’ and other little phrases. He also now mimicks animals or people in his play, copying movements or phrases.

He sees shapes everywhere and unprompted will tell me ‘that one circle mummy’. He knows circle, triangle and square. We are working in rectangle. The other day in the garden he said to Granny ‘that one big square Granny and that one little’ he was right too.

Colours he is doing well but still sometimes gets a little mixed up. He can count to ten perfectly and count to 20 with me.

He has come off his movicol and is managing himself very well without it, what a relief! Once that’s sorted and we are moved in to the new house we’ll give potty training a go.

Lastly today he learnt to swing alone. I love these swings because they are so low to the ground and promote independent play. He got on with a hand but easily learnt how to make the swing move by copying me.




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