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The little big boy, the pob turns two (2?!???) for The Gallery

Happy second birthday to my big little boy.

two rafe
On his second birthday

This post was written on 10th May 2013. This week’s gallery theme is two and as I hadn’t yet posted this I thought I’d link up and post it as it fits perfectly in the theme. Sometimes you just need a deadline I guess!


The past year has flown by. I’ve left you with Auntie Lucy and Granny to go back to work. Been sad but excited to hear of your new signs or words that I’ve missed, delighted at your development on our precious days together. Seen you grow from my baby to a little boy, so fiercely determined, independent but caring and loving. Loved to go on maternity leave again and treasure my boy to myself for a few weeks.

We’ve spent mornings in bed, lots of time at the window seat or in the car pointing out vehicles, play dates with your lovely friends or outings just us to see ducks, wade through snow or test out parks. Evenings snuggling having your ‘mulk’ watching night garden. And reading, book after book after book your little face lighting up at wonderful pictures and stories, thinking its magic to learn new words.

Finally sleeping through the night consistently (at 18 months) I now have to wake you after 13 hours and you sleep for 2-3 in the day. ‘I love this bed’ you say to me, or ‘no mummy, night time, sleep time’ if you don’t want to get up. How wonderful you are with sleep and your own space, what a delight to get you up in the morning, happy not crying, already talking at 100mph ‘this one blue mummy, this one ladybird, this one doggy mummy’. Already wanting whatever book you can see.

You certainly know your own mind and are very instructive. ‘No mummy, not that one’…wanting to pick your clothes, food, books, tv programme. You’ve developed an adoration for ‘the hi-pad’ which has to be kept under control as it turned in to a mild obsession. You also are mildly obsessed with Ribena and regularly demand ‘no…..Ribena mummy’ but then you don’t eat as you’re too full of juice.

You are a mine field. I think I’ve cracked you and then you change. I love that. We all love that.

You’ve watched my tummy grow your brother or sister declaring it early on ‘the sissy’ you know there is a baby coming. You’ve smoothly moved from your nursery out of our home to live at your grandparents. Without even a fuss. You understand we have an old house and that Daddy is ‘fix it new house’. You love your Granny and Grandpops (curly wurly) being around.

You love football and are a star at kicking. Last night you said to Daddy ‘we love football Daddy’. Very cute.

You like to do lots of things ‘selfy’, walk up stairs backwards (!), carry things, get in your car seat. You like to copy a lot!

I’m so proud of the little big boy you’ve become, you talk beautifully, you adore your family, you tell me you love me.

You are a beautiful boy. Your hair has got darker through the winter, you’re shooting up like a bean pole, now as tall as Lily, I’m sure you’ll even be whizzing past Martha soon. You love looking in the mirror with me and smiling and waving or pulling faces. When you get up from sleep your hair is just like mine used to be, frazzled, on end. We say the hair monster has come.

Every day I treasure spending with you. You wear me out but I love it. You are mesmerising to watch, so excited for such small discoveries, a worm, spider, cloud or flower. You are just so happy to be with me or your family, I love the innocence that that is all you need.

So now you are two, a proper boy. My proper boy, which you’ll always be, so charming, witty and loving. I love you with all my heart my little pob.