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Gro Gro Gro your babes

I recently wrote about why Gro products make my life easier…this is why…it’s all about the sleep.

Since I had my first son two years ago I’ve regularly used my Gro anywhere blackout blind. Recently I used it when we moved house in our room as we had no window dressing. I’ve used it at childcare, on holiday, at friends houses. I adore it. My first son adores it. He loves sleep but it MUST be dark! It makes my life easier as it makes sure I get some peace! But now I have two sons. That means I need another one so that by some miracle I can still have those blissful moments when both are asleep.

A Gro egg. I’ve never had one, but always wanted one. My newborn will go into his new room in our new house (once we’ve decorated!) and having a Gro egg will make my life easier as at a glance I’ll be able to put my mind at rest about the temperature in his room.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who has one, we were talking about sleep deprivation and the ridiculous things you do or think. She was telling me she made an association up in her head about her Gro egg…too cold no sleep, just right peaceful, too warm it would be an early morning. Weird the things you make up, an egg can’t predict a nights sleep…can it?!

Gro bags, where would we be without them…I’d often thought I’d like to be able to use a light one in a 5 point harness. Now you can with Gro. Fab. It’ll make my life easier by making sure I don’t wake my baby on those summer evenings out, when we (eventually) get home and transfer from pushchair to cot.

Sleep is the number one thing I obsess about. Night and day, mine and others. I adore sleep. Gro makes it easier for me to sleep šŸ™‚



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