2013 365 #152 ‘water play’

This afternoon the pob spent time playing with his other girlie cousin Lily at Granny and Pops’s, we were all in the garden.

The past three months I’ve found the pob is much easier to entertain outdoors. He’s a real boy and has a hankering for worn and insect hunts. We spend a lot of time in the garden. Although we play with trampolines, rackets, balls, chalks, sand and vehicles sometimes the pob just likes the simple things, sometimes he just wants to explore the leaves, bugs or even grass!

Here he is today with Lily in one of the easiest simplest play situations, a huge container of water. It entertained for ages. It’s so nice seeing them play together doing the things that me and my sister did as children.

They went through various stages of undress before nakedness and were chattering away about the temperature of the water, girls vs boys and lots of other toddler chat. They quite obviously adore each other.



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