the sissy

Mummy-Sammy shopping trip

Today Sammy and I went pram shopping.

It was lovely. Firstly because I could actually shop without ‘the fear’ (of a toddler spilling/smashing/shouting/stamping on something). Secondly because Sammy got all the attention. Thirdly because it was just us for the first time since in hospital after he was born.

We went to John Lewis. I had honestly forgotten how much I love shopping. I had to discipline myself not to get side tracked by the beautiful clothes, cases, buttons, stickers, prints, makeup….in the midst of pregnancy I’d forgotten clothes can be so beautiful. I can’t wait til 1 I can afford to buy an item if clothing and 2 I can fit in something normal (being in the not quite in not quite out if maternity clothes is no fun and not attractive, especially when the nursing bra fitting assistant says ‘oh you’ve still got a bit to loose’ staring at your middrift). I swear as I tunnelled through the clothing beautiful maxi dresses, floaty shirts and stunning prints literally leapt in to my line of vision to taunt me.

I love John Lewis. Everything is beautiful, well researched and good quality. Some things are overpriced but not all and aren’t they everywhere!?

I love the colours in JL.

It was wonderful for Sammy at 17 days to not be in his brothers shadow, to have all the attention. And I got to show him off. I’d forgotten how wonderful it is for women (and men) young and old to cluck over your newborn. Marvel in your miracle.

And we had a lovely lunch together in the cafe, Sammy had his milk (under my wonderful Cafe Bebe nursing apron) and I had a coffee and cake. In peace. Perfect.


He slept in his pram just like his big brother.

The last reason it was nice to be just us was because it was even nicer when it wasn’t just us, when we picked up the pob and we were a three again.


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